The mission of the University of Florida’s Center for Stress Resilient Agriculture is to provide transformational and sustainable research-based solutions and related graduate level experiences for the development of agroeco-systems that mitigate crop stress. These solutions will improve the ability of crop and cropping systems to accli-mate to changes in the production environment and have impact throughout the food system.


The UF/IFAS CSRA consists of faculty from diverse departments involving research, education, and extension programs focused on biotic and abiotic stress occurring in agricultural systems and the resulting impacts to pro-duction, environment, and society. We represent an integrated group of faculty, institutional partners, and global affiliates from a range of disciplines focused on a common purpose.


  • CSRA Research Infrastructure located throughout the state, with key inter-national locations.
  • Research clearinghouse that allows industry, NGOs, state agencies, and oth-ers to interface with UF administration in identifying and involving specific faculty teams to address complex problems through research agreements.
  • Support in development of shared courses with international institutions including facilitating international faculty connections, arrangements, and recruitment.
  • Submission assistance for transdisciplinary proposals


  • UF STAIR—a unique multi-faceted program including Project Team courses allowing for hands-on problem solving with industry mentors; International Immersion courses allowing students to capitalize on the CSRA network of global partner institutions for research experiences; and the A2I symposium—a unique professional development opportunity provided by industry employers.
  • Travel scholarships available for international conferences, courses, or research.
  • CSRA Grad Student Fellows program aimed at allowing students to net-work closely with all CSRA faculty and partners.